Nov 9, 2018

When You Have to Fire Someone, Be as Humane as You Can

For managers, the standard procedures for firing someone tend to be about the legal issues involved. But it’s worth thinking about how the firing process itself can be more humane to the employee. (Remember, if you deviate from your company’s procedures, you should talk to HR about what’s happening.) For example, when you know you’re going to fire someone, you might consider telling them so that they can start a job search. You could allow them some time to go on interviews during work hours. You can even offer to review their résumé, make introductions, and serve as a reference. After all, even though the person isn’t a good fit for your company, they may be a great fit for another one. Being fired is a terrible experience for an employee, but by being transparent and thoughtful, managers can make it a little more humane.

Adapted from "When You Have to Fire Someone, Be as Humane as You Can," by David Siegel